I need some adjusting.

Set me up and take me to the next level.

Your therapy plan will be uniquely suited to your situation and goals. It will include a few cardinal directions and a selection of specific therapeutic practices to quickly move the needle in your health. Figuring out which adjustments are the best therapy for you is part of the work.

Recommendations will be in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, relaxation, sleep, biorhythm and/or the psyche.

The plan will also include a list of foods and ingredients that are especially beneficial – or detrimental – to your situation, as well as supplement recommendations based on your needs, wishes, and budget.

Understanding how things work is critical to making
lasting behavior and lifestyle changes.

“Those two pages, I'm so happy with them. They give me so much support because now I know what I can do for myself to feel better.”

This is for you if:

  • Your health is limiting your life; you are avoiding activities because of it. 
  • You want to learn which actions, foods or thoughts evoke a negative response and how this works.
  • You want practices to restore your health.
  • You want a plan and accountability so that you stick with it. 

My goal is to help you manage your well-being by teaching you which behaviours and habits trigger a negative reaction and inversely, which ones will strengthen you, increasing your resilience.  

These two pages [the treatment plan], I'm so happy with them. They give me so much support because I know what I can do to help my well-being and feel better."

Personalized treatment in layers:
treat, cure and prevent*

  • 4 consultations (in a period of approximately 6 months)
  • Personal treatment plan (with adjustments as we progress)
  • Check-in/questions (phone, e-mail, message)
  • Lab and diagnostic work as needed **

* Results will vary per situation, this is not a guarantee.
** Laboratory and external diagnostics not included.
*** Sessions are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Fees valid until December 31st 2023.

Not entirely sure this is what you're looking for?

Do you feel like:

  • Something needs to change when it comes to your health and you want to know if this might work for you.
  • You want a second opinion.
  • You are not a novice at this and feel like a few adjustments could go a long way.
  • Feel like you can handle/implement change on your own.

Do you feel like:

  • you are taking regular/ongoing medication to manage your condition and want to know if you can actually get better?
  • you have one or more chronic condition(s) compromising your sense of well-being and want help regaining your health?
  • your lab results or diagnosis have become your identity?
  • you want to be sure that you can integrate the changes into your day-to-day life and need help staying on track?

Contact me to discuss which option is a good fit for you.

A few frequently seen symptoms or conditions that respond well to lifestyle medicine according to Clinical Psycho Neuro Immunology are:

Of course I can work together with your traditional medical practitioner. That way you are more likely to see quicker and lasting results.