During a consultation my goal is to become familiar with your story, identify where there is imbalance and give you insight into which behaviors affect your specific situation negatively and which ones will have a desirable effect so that you have a toolkit to manage your health sustainably. How?

By getting to know you and your situation.

The beauty of Clinical-psychoneuroimmunology is that we take into account multiple aspects of your life and their interactions in the search for the origin of disease or imbalance. Among these aspects are bio-medical, (epi)genetic, toxic, emotional, social, sexual and environmental factors. Pretty much stuff that affects you every day.

How this works

The analysis

Understanding how and why things work is key to making a change.

During the consultation we will discuss:

  • Your current state, to identify organ and/or system disregulation
    Using diagnostic tools and lab testing as needed;
  • Your story and how you got here;
    Your medical, familiar, and personal history;
  • What you have tried in the past;
    Failed attempts give us insight into what is not the way out;
  • Your preferences, habits and constraints:
    do you cook? how is your sleep? how do you feel about supplements? budget? time?

The more compatible the plan is with your personality, values and constraints the more likely you are to commit and start feeling the change.

Along the way I will explain the interaction (cause and effect) so that you understand the mechanisms behind the therapy.

The trick is to find the sweet spot between where you are, what the science suggests, and which changes you are most likely to adopt. That is where you are empowered to bring about change.

“I was looking for more energy and inner-peace. Through my conversations with Lucille, I have been able to make the connections between simple habits and healing principles. This journey been very beneficial to me, physically and otherwise because I now have much more insight into the physical consequences of habits and thoughts. As a result I have much more control. I now feel much stronger and have a toolbox of techniques with which I can strengthen my body naturally."

Which best describes where you are?

This is for you if

  • This is the first time you are approaching health this way
  • You want to see if we are a match
  • You want a second opinion
  • You are already taking steps to improve your health and want some fine-tuning

I've got some tools,

please tell me how best to use them and what else I need.
149 *
  • 1 consultation
  • Personalized treatment plan


You have been working on your health. It is a priority for you.


With a few key insights and some adjustments you can probably implement the changes on your own.

This is for you if

  • Declining health is affecting your life
  • You want a plan with continued support so you can monitor your progress
  • You want to learn which practices to adopt to restore your health and keep it

I need some resetting.

Set me up and take me to the next level. Stick with me.
540 *
  • 4 consultations
  • Personalized treatment plan (with ongoing adjustments)
  • Personal check-ins: fine-tuning the treatment, troubleshooting, Q&A.
  • Lab and diagnostic work as needed **


Getting to the root cause of what is disrupting your health and taking measures to address the situation.


You want some control. You want to learn what is causing this negative response and how the science works. You also want some practices to increase your resilience.

This is for you if

  • You have a diagnosis and want help navigating your way to more health
  • You have been at this for a while and are losing hope
  • Declining health is affecting your life
  • You are taking medication to manage your condition and are unhappy with your quality of your life

I’m ready for change.

Treat, teach and support me.
935 *
  • 8 consultations
  • Personalized treatment plan (with ongoing adjustments)
  • Personal check-ins: fine-tuning the treatment, troubleshooting, Q&A.
  • Lab and diagnostic work as needed **


You have tried to address your health issues and need structure and support to move from hopeless to hopeful. 


You want some control back, and with several diseases/conditions you expect it might take a while. 

This packages creates continuity which enables us to work in-depth on enhancing your health and to really integrate your new habits into your life. 

* Prices are exempt from VAT
** Lab and external diagnostics available at an additional cost.
*** Sessions are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Fees valid until December 31st 2023.

Below is a (non-exclusive) list of conditions that respond well to lifestyle medicine.

Resilience sessions

The what, how, and why with a sprinkling of fun

Want to know more about a specific subject, need practical tips and tricks, or more variety?

The resilience sessions are interactive ‘how-to sessions’ focussed on an aspect of health, food education or an aspect of lifestyle medicine.

Retreat in Spain

When it's easier to take a week off than 1h per week for 11 weeks in a row

5 days in Spain: Ideal if you have a busy schedule and ironically, blocking 5 days is easier in your busy schedule.

Let's talk

Contact me to discuss whether your condition could respond well to this therapy or to discuss which option is right for you.