About me

My name is Lucille Holtel and I practice Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology & Orthomolecular medicine.

Food has always been medicine to me. People and what moves them, have always intrigued me. Somewhere along my way, the nerd in me wanted some answers, so I was drawn to study Orthomolecular Medicine and Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology.

Delving into the interaction between nutrition, the psyche, neurology and the immune system has been life-changing for me. Once we understand the workings of our systems,  we can exert some control – and you might be surprised by just how far that can get you!

Growing-up in several regions over the world has given me an appreciation of many different kitchens. Being exposed to different languages and social rules taught me to keep my eyes and ears open in a way that helps me in my work today. I can help you in Dutch, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

I feel privileged and excited to share the knowledge and help people strengthen their resilience.

My Story

My personal experience has left me with strong conviction in the freedom that good health brings.

During my mid-thirties I went through a rocky period. I was at the end of an entrepreneurial venture in Brazil, with plenty of big changes, stress, and frustration. Unsurprisingly I started to experience a growing number of physical ailments. I sought the advice of several traditional medical practitioners. My symptoms were properly identified, yet the doctors were unable to give me a fitting diagnosis or more importantly, a solution.

Stuck, I turned to functional or non-traditional practitioners and the one area where I thought I would be able to help myself: nutrition. Within a week of starting nutritional therapy my complaints were significantly reduced. I was astounded, and hooked. That was the beginning of a very nerdy journey into the workings of the body, nutrition and health-stimulating lifestyle practices.

This journey had been life-changing for me and it has become my mission to share this knowledge and help people understand the role that lifestyle plays in restoring health and healing disease.

Cultivating resilience through lifestyle, that is what my practice is all about.

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