About me

Cultivating resilience through lifestyle, that is what my practice is all about.

The pillars on which the practice is based have been key in my life long before I started my studies in Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology and Orthomolecular medicine. 

Food has always been medicine to me. Growing-up around the world has given me an appreciation of many different cuisines and ingredients.

People and what moves them, have always intrigued me. This is what drew me to a career in International Communication. Being exposed to different languages and rules of engagement has taught me to keep my eyes and ears open and ‘listen’ beyond words in a way that is very valuable in my work today. 

I can help you in Dutch, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

My Story

My personal experience left me with strong conviction in the freedom that good health brings.

As an entrepreneur in my mid-thirties, I went through a very difficult period. As the stress and frustration grew so did my physical ailments until I could no longer ignore the presence of a problem. I sought the help of several traditional medical practitioners. My symptoms were properly identified, yet the doctors were unable to give me a fitting diagnosis or more importantly, a solution.

Stuck, I turned to functional or non-traditional practitioners and the one area where I thought I would be able to help myself: nutrition. Within a week of starting nutritional therapy my complaints were significantly reduced. I was astounded, and hooked. That was the beginning of a very nerdy journey into the interaction between the nutrition, the psyche, neurology and the immune system. It has been life-changing.

Today I enjoy helping people understand the role that lifestyle plays in stimulating good health and healing disease.

Knowledge really is power. Once we understand the inner-workings of our bodies,  we can exert some control – and you might be surprised by just how far that can get you!

Cultivating resilience through lifestyle, that is what my practice is all about.

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