Resiliendo brings together thoughts, therapy, recipes and events that nurture resilience. It is science-lead with a human approach.

There where the science of food, health and a little bit of spirit meet... that is where we work.
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In change lies the solution. And the smallest adjustment can lead to the biggest change.

The key is understanding which adjustment will make the biggest difference to your overall well-being.

Lifestyle Medicine

Our approach to health is science-lead with a practical, human touch.

We use integrated disciplines to assess your health and treat disease, especially chronic and autoimmune disease using the modern medicine approach of Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology and Orthomolecular Medicine.

You come first and your lab-results follow, not visa-versa.

This practice is about:
  • hearing your story,
  • showing you how habits impact health, and
  • helping you adopt habits that work with and strengthen your body.

The objective is to increase your physical and emotional resilience by:
  • addressing the nutritional, physical, social and psychological aspects of your life; and
  • ensuring you have more energy.

Many of today’s conventional habits are incompatible with our physiological make-up, (i.e. we expose ourselves to stimuli that our body does not understand).  While these habits seem ‘normal’ (because they are prevalent), many of these habits actually wear down our systems. This is where we start. 
Resilire – latin for Resilience:
The ability or capacity to bounce back or recover quickly from difficulties.

Chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, inflammatory disorders are of epidemic proportions.

The scientific evidence linking processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle to these chronic diseases is overwhelming. And yet, processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle are the norm for a very large part of the western population.    

If the research shows that the western lifestyle is such a big contributor to our chronic disease epidemic, is lifestyle not the logical place to start?

One could say that our modern lifestyle has become an infectious agent. 

How resilient are you?

How quickly do you recover?

Life is a stream of events, some of which will throw us off course. Change is constant and it requires adaptability.  When we exhaust our recovery capacity, that is when it happens, that is when we start feeling depleted and our health cascades negatively in response.

A key underlying principle to recognize here is impermanence of state. If we can accept the impermanence of any state as a given, we can embrace the value of strengthening our recovery capacity, because it becomes vital. Resilience is essentially the defining factor of our health.

This is the essence of my practice, ‘Resiliendo’. I’ll teach you how to grow your resilience and regain/improve your health using evidence-based tools and therapies from the sciences of Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology and Orthomolecular Medicine.

Let food be thy medicine.
Let medicine be thy food."

For whom?

I often get asked which conditions drive people to my practice. My best answer is: chronic imbalance and recognition of the need for change.

People come to me when they:

  • lack energy and feel like they are “dragging”,
  • experience brain-fog or are unable to focus,
  • want to understand what is going on in their body,
  • feel unseen/unheard by their healthcare practitioner(s),
  • lose faith in the pharmaceutical-only approach to health,
  • want to know what they can do to restore balance and regain their health.

The situation usually involves a “chronic” state of imbalance (of varying duration and severity) and unsuccessful attempts at finding a sustainable long-term strategy/solution. 

Recognizing the need for change is what moves someone to seek help.

Ultimately, it is the desire to regain part of the (quality-of-) life lost, such as energy, mental/emotional state, mobility or social-connection).

What do I mean by “chronically unwell?”

When imbalance lasts long enough, ‘chronic unwellness’ becomes the state of being. And like any other, a state of being requires a change cease to exist.

Bringing some degree of change to the undesirable state; that is the goal. 

Sound familiar?

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